The Plan

This corporate communications company was looking to open a 24/7 critical infrastructure operations center.  With a desire to tap into the young, tech-savvy Austin culture, the client wanted a space that created a vibrant atmosphere and was open to natural light with views to the outside.


The Solution

As a team member on the project, Link was tasked with establishing the overall design concepts and layouts that would capture the needs and desires of the centers teams and management.  Starting with understanding the culture of the 24/7 operations center, Link then worked with the team to determine the program requirements of the space.  Once those pieces were in place, Link then developed the concept around an open team room with its focus on the network status media wall, which became the anchor to the entire space. The final designs were conveyed to… via two & three dimensional drawings… The end result were the two and three dimensional drawings to visually convey the ideas to the operations centers teams, and transfer the design ideas to the next project team members.