The Plan

Link had the opportunity to work with the Media Sales team in their Dallas location, along with their executives from Ohio. The project was the finish out of the 4th and 5th Floor of the Galleria 2 office building in the Galleria area of Dallas. Each floor is approximately 25,000 sf. The prior finish out was existing corporate office space that the media team wanted to refresh to better reflect their culture.

The Solution

The project had two team components, one on each floor. The existing space had a connecting stair that was modernized to provide a central element to connect the two floors internally. The two floors had different overall project requirements, with one floor focused more on internal processes, and the other floor more outside client oriented. Between both floors there was a mixture of 24 hour technical operations and high level corporate interaction. Link was able to blend both functions into a cohesive space across two floors. In addition to refreshing the existing stair, we were able to bring more light into the interior and provide a custom carpet layout that changes throughout the space.